And Meow, A Word About Cat Towers

Does your kitty have a cat tower? If so, that’s great! Most of our feline friends aren’t shy about using their humans’ couches and sofas. However, cats do benefit from having things made to suit their needs . . . specifically, their needs to nap, climb things, and monitor their kingdoms. Cat towers are great for this! Here, a Colerain Township vet discusses Fluffy’s favorite piece of furniture.

A Purrfect Choice

In the wild, cats find trees extremely useful. After all, they provide kitties with shelter, safety, concealment spots, good vantage points, and napping spots, as well as nail-care stations. Of course, most people don’t have full-sized trees inside their homes. As far as Fluffy is concerned, a cat tower is the next best thing.

Choosing A Tower

There are some things to keep in mind when choosing a tower. Although a small one may seem perfect for a kitten, your furry pal may quickly outgrow it. If you have more than one cat, get a tower that will fit all of your kitties at once. Senior cats, on the other hand, often prefer towers that are easy to get on and off. No matter what kind of cat or cats you have, be sure to choose a tower that is sturdy. Fluffy tends to be wary of wobbly towers.

Refreshing An Old Tower

Has your cat stopped using her tower? This may be because the tower has gotten dirty, or just has too much fur on it. If cleaning it doesn’t work, try recovering it. Moving the tower to a different location may also help. Sometimes giving a kitty toys, treats, and catnip near their tower will rekindle their interest in it. If all else fails, try telling Fluffy to stay off the tower. She may jump right on!


If you enjoy making things, and/or just want to save money, you can make Fluffy’s cat tower. An old stepladder works great here. Just add some planks to the steps to widen them out. Then, cover the whole thing in carpet or sisal rope. You can also do this with an old bookcase or metal storage rack. If you’re a handy type, you can build one from scratch using lumber, PVC pipe, or even real branches!

Please feel free to contact us, your Colerain Township vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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