Is your cat cuddly and affectionate? Or do you have a furry little curmudgeon on your hands? Our feline buddies all have their own unique personalities. Some are very sweet and lovable. Others? Not so much. Of course, Fluffy also reserves the right to switch between the two at any time, and with little or no warning. Read on as a Cincinnati, OH vet discusses cattitude.

Rough Play

Cats are pretty much the only pet that think biting is a sign of affection. If your kitty just lightly nips you, she may not even be angry. However, if Fluffy outright chomps on you, that’s a different story. Kitty playtime can get confusing here. Don’t encourage your furry friend to play rough. It’s bad petiquette, and can lead to very problematic behavior. If your cat tries to attack you, tell her ‘No,’ and then walk away and ignore her for a while.

Causes of Cattitude

Our feline friends can be grouchy for a variety of reasons. Just like people, cats have certain pet peeves. Fluffy often gets annoyed by loud noises, car rides, getting wet, and, of course, other cats. Jealousy and territorialism are two more possibilities. Sometimes cats become aggressive if they feel threatened. If you know or suspect that this is behind your pet’s cranky demeanor, make sure she has a safe spot to retreat to in every room. This can be a kitty condo, pet tent, or just a spot behind a couch. Medical issues can also make cats grumpy. If your pet has only recently turned into a grouch, have your vet examine her to rule out potential medical issues. If Fluffy gets the all-clear, then you know you have a cranky pet, rather than a sick one.

Fluffy’s Rules

One thing that is bound to rub your pet the wrong way is, well, being rubbed the wrong way. Fluffy is very particular about when and how she gets attention. Never force attention on a cat! Even the most lovable feline will occasionally snub you when you want to cuddle. Keep in mind that some kitties just don’t like to be held, and prefer to be admired from a distance. If your furry buddy is aloof, pamper her with toys, treats, and catnip, instead of by petting her.

Please contact us, your Cincinnati, OH vet clinic, for your cranky cat’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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