Caring For A Pregnant Dog

Do you know or suspect that your dog is pregnant? Your pup will need lots of extra TLC over the next few months! A Colerain Township vet discusses caring for a pregnant pooch below.

Veterinary Care

First things first: if you suspect that Lady has a few buns in the oven, schedule a veterinary exam right away. Ultrasounds and blood tests can confirm pregnancies by the time dogs are about 3 weeks along. When your furry pal is about 45 days along, your vet will be able to take X-rays.

Warning Signs

Keep a close eye on Lady, and watch for signs of complications, such as vaginal bleeding or discharge. You’ll also want to watch for any other signs of doggy illness, such as vomiting, fever, lethargy, and uncharacteristic behavior. This is definitely one area where you want to err on the side of caution! Contact your vet immediately if you notice anything amiss. We also recommend having a backup plan ready if something goes wrong. Download some pet first aid apps, and keep the number and address of the nearest 24/7 emergency clinic on hand.

Proper Nutrition

Making sure that Lady is getting proper nutrition is very important! Your vet may advise you to switch her over to puppy food. You’ll also need to gradually increase your pet’s portion sizes as her pregnancy progresses. It’s worth noting that pregnant dogs often do better with smaller, more frequent meals than a few big ones. Ask your vet for recommendations.


As Lady gets further along in her pregnancy, try to avoid leaving her alone. Consider hiring a petsitter, or having a friend or neighbor check on her.


Lady will still need some activity, but take care not to overexert her. Don’t encourage your pet to play or run vigorously after the first month or so. Once she starts to show, slow walks will be your best bet.


As puppy arrival time draws closer, you’ll want to get a birthing area ready for your pooch. Buy or make a whelping box, and put it in a clean, quiet area with lots of blankets or towels. Ask your vet for specific advice on what to look for and what to expect when the big day arrives.

Please contact us, your Colerain Township vet clinic, for your pregnant pup’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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