5 Great Reasons to Play With Your Dog Daily

Does your dog love to play? Many of our canine patients are quite frisky and mischievous. It’s always cute watching Fido run after a ball or Frisbee! In fact, playing is quite beneficial for your four-legged friend. Read on as a Cincinnati, OH vet lists some reasons to go grab that stick or Frisbee.


Fitness is just as important for dogs as it is for people. A fun workout will help get your pup’s heart going, and will really benefit him physically. Even just a few minutes of running and jumping will help keep your canine pal strong and active. If your pet has more energy than you do, opt for games that have Fido running around while you stay still. You can hold a laser pointer for your pet, or just toss a ball or toy to him.

Curb Zoomies

Another reason to play with your canine buddy is that it will help him burn off excess energy. This is actually more important than many people realize, as it can really cut down on unwanted behaviors. If Fido tires himself out running and playing, he’ll be more interested in napping after than in tearing up your couch cushions or chewing your shoes.


Dogs are capable of forming truly special and tight bonds with their humans. However, that friendship has to be nurtured. Regular play sessions offer you a great chance to spend some quality time with your canine companion, and just make sure that he feels loved. You may find that this is also a great way to wind down after a hard day of work!

Mental Stimulation

Dogs are very intelligent, and they get quite unhappy when they are bored. Boredom can also contribute to bad doggy behaviors. Playing will also give your pooch something to focus on, which is great for his mind.

Tail Wags

Last but not least, playtime is lots of fun for Fido! Dogs are super cute when they notice their humans holding a toy, or carry a plaything over to us hoping that we’ll play with them. Indulge these cute playtime requests! Part of being a great pet owner really just entails taking small steps to keep your furry pal happy.

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