Kids and Pets Day

There’s a pretty adorable pet holiday coming up. April 26th is National Kids And Pets Day! There are few things more heartwarming than seeing a beloved family pet cuddled up with their favorite youngster. Read on as a Cincinnati, OH vet discusses the beautiful bond children can form with their furry friends.

Benefits For Kids

Growing up with pets offers kids some great advantages. Our animal companions offer children unconditional love and friendship, which can teach them important lessons about life. They’re also a great source of comfort for kids on bad days. Plus, they make great playmates and cuddle buddies. In many cases, animals get quite protective of their human pals, and have even saved their lives. Living with pets may even benefit kids physically. Studies have shown that kids with pets tend to have stronger immune systems and fewer allergies than those who don’t have pets. Turns out that all that fur and dander is actually beneficial! 

The First Pet

One question many parents must face is deciding if and when it’s time to get their young ones a pet. There’s no set age for this, as children all mature differently. Consider how responsible your little one is, and whether they truly understand that animals are friends, not toys. It’s also a good idea to start with something that needs minimal care, like a goldfish or hamster. Also, make sure you are ready to take over the pet’s care if your child loses interest.


Although children and pets can be the best of friends, this is definitely an area where you want to err on the side of caution. Youngsters can be quite loud, and are often rather clumsy. This can frighten animals, and make them feel a bit defensive. You also want to make sure your child doesn’t drop or injure their furry pal! Supervise all interactions between children and pets, especially while your kids are still little.


It doesn’t take much to set some time aside to honor this special day. Pick out a great family movie that features pets, and settle in with treats. Make sure to offer the family pet extra cuddles and ear scritches, and maybe a special snack. This is also a great time for a photo session!

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