Early Signs of Arthritis in Dogs

Did you know that arthritis is one of the most common issues we see in our canine companions? In fact, well over half of dogs in their golden years are afflicted with this painful condition. As with any other health issue in pets, early detection is always beneficial. The sooner something is caught and treated, the better! Read on as a Cincinnati, OH vet lists some early warning signs.


In many cases, limping is the first clue that there is something going on. At first, your furry buddy may only limp for a minute, usually when he first gets up. Once he gets warmed up, the limp will disappear. However, that limp will become more pronounced over time.


Pain isn’t much of a mood booster for anyone. The same holds true for dogs. Your pet may isolate himself, and go rest quietly in a corner instead of socializing. We could almost list Fido’s ‘sad puppy’ expression as a symptom in and of itself!

Lack of Mobility

Stiffness can also be a warning sign. If your pooch seems to be having a hard time standing up or lying down, he could potentially be developing arthritis. Fido may also not be able to bend or move around very easily, and he may shuffle or gingerly lay down, instead of bouncing and rolling as he used to.


Dogs often nibble or lick at spots that are bothering them. The paws, spine, legs, and tail base are often sore spots with arthritic pups. If Fido is constantly worrying at himself, check with your vet.

Weather Sensitivity

This one may be harder to gauge. However, if you pay attention, you may notice that Fido seems extra stiff and sore when it’s cold and/or damp out. The same thing happens with people!

Reduced Interest In Play

Another thing to watch for is a decline in interest in playing. If your furry friend’s favorite toys are gathering dust, arthritis could be to blame.


Arthritis isn’t curable, but there are treatments that can help your pooch feel better. Laser therapy, for example, can be very helpful. It’s wonderful to see a stiff senior dog becoming playful again! If you notice any of these red flags in your canine buddy, schedule an exam for him immediately.

Please contact us, your Cincinnati, OH vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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