Laser Therapy for Pets

Here at Peach Grove Animal Hospital, we are happy to offer some cutting-edge treatments. One of the most beneficial treatments we use is laser therapy. Laser therapy is fairly new to the veterinary world, but it’s been used in humans since the late 60’s. A local Cincinnati, OH vet discusses laser therapy in this article.


Did you know that the word ‘laser’ is an acronym? It stands for ‘light amplification of stimulated emission of radiation.’ There are four classes of lasers. Class 3 is the one most often used in therapy. Laser therapy is based upon the use of light. The treatment stimulates the body to release its natural painkillers. It also improves circulation, reduces inflammation, relaxes tight muscles, and promotes healing.


Laser therapy can be used to treat a wide variety of issues. It’s often utilized to help treat pets with arthritis and hip dysplasia, but is also helpful in treating a variety of health issues in pets. Some of the common ones are neck and back issues; nerve injuries; tendon and soft tissue injuries; musculoskeletal problems; skin problems; neuromuscular disease; joint problems; and bone fractures. It can also accelerate healing after surgery. It’s a wonderful thing to watch pets become more mobile, and help relieve them of pain and stiffness!

What Are The Perks?

One great benefit of laser therapy is that it is completely painless. Many pets seem to enjoy their treatments. We’ve even had patients fall asleep! You also won’t need to shave your furry pal, and they won’t need medication. This is very beneficial for pets that cannot take certain medications. The procedure is non-surgical. There is also no recovery time needed, though you may want to give your furry pal a yummy snack after. It’s also worth noting that laser therapy can be repeated as often as needed. In fact, we often see continued results after multiple sessions. Last but not least, sessions are short, rarely lasting more than a half hour. Some are just a few minutes long!


Do you think that laser therapy might be right for your pet? Ask your vet for more information. While treatments are always offered on a case-by-case basis, it never hurts to find out more!

Do you want to learn more about laser therapy? Contact us, your local Cincinnati, OH pet clinic, anytime. We are always happy to help!

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