Fido’s Halloween Outfit

Halloween is just around the corner! Many people enjoy bringing their pets into the fun of dressing up in costumes. Fido has worn some pretty adorable outfits! In fact, Man’s Best Friend has been a pirate, a taco, a spider, a dinosaur, and an avocado, to name a few. There’s nothing wrong with having some seasonal fun with your pet. Just be sure to put his health and safety first. A Cincinnati, OH vet offers some tips on this below.


Make sure that your canine buddy’s outfit fits him well. Avoid anything that restricts his vision or movement. It’s a good idea to measure Fido before buying him anything. You’ll want the measurements for his chest, legs, shoulder width and height, and the length of his spine. You may want to store this information on your phone, so you have it with you when you’re out shopping.


Fido is already wearing a fur coat, so it won’t take much for him to overheat. Choose breathable fabrics that won’t be too hot for your pup. If you notice Fido panting or looking uncomfortable while he’s dressed up, immediately remove his outfit and give him some water.


Before purchasing something, check the label and see if it’s machine-washable. If you only want Fido to wear it once, this may not matter. However, if you want to be able to reuse it without having to use a dry-cleaner, choose something you can easily wash.


Safety first! Dogs tend to eat, well, everything, so don’t get your canine pal anything with parts he may be tempted to nibble on, such as buttons or fake flowers. This is where store-bought costumes often have an advantage. Since these are designed for pets, they’re often both safe and comfortable for Fido.

Other Options

Some dogs are quite laid-back, and won’t really mind being dressed up. Others are very uncomfortable in clothes. If your pooch falls into the latter category, don’t force him to wear a costume. You can also just keep it on long enough to snap a photo, and then immediately take it off. Your furry buddy may be just as charming and adorable with something smaller, like a bow tie or bandana.

Have a safe and happy Halloween. Please contact us, your Cincinnati, OH vet clinic, if ever we can be of assistance. We’re always happy to help!

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