Setting Up a Whelping Box

Is your canine friend about to become a mama? This can be an exciting time! Few things bring as many smiles as a litter of adorable puppies! As the big day approaches, you’ll need to make sure your pet has a safe, comfortable place. Whelping boxes can be very helpful for this. A Cincinnati, OH vet offers some tips on this below.


Whelping boxes serve a few purposes. They give dogs a quiet, comfortable place to give birth. Just as wild animals instinctively seek safe, isolated places when their time approaches, pets also need security and privacy. It’s very important for your pooch to feel safe when giving birth. If she doesn’t, this could interfere with the birth, and could negatively impact the puppies’ health. Once the puppies are born, it will also help keep the little furballs contained and comfortable, and will keep them safe as they are getting the hang of being dogs.

A Pawesome Box

Whelping boxes aren’t exactly architectural marvels: they are in fact, very simple. You can find great ones for sale, but it’s also easy to make them. You’ll find lots of ideas online. One easy option is to give a kiddie pool a ‘pupgrade.’


Whelping boxes should be made of a water-resistant material. (You may also want to put a tarp beneath the box, to protect your floors.) The walls should be high enough to give your canine pal some privacy and keep the furry toddlers from escaping. The entrance and exit should be big enough for your pet to easily get in and out of. A safety rail, or ‘pig rail’ is also beneficial. Sizes vary, but make sure that your dog has plenty of room to lay down and nurse. Next, add some comfy bedding. Puppy pads or old towels will work. If it’s winter, a heat lamp or safe heater may be needed. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Picking the right spot for the whelping box is also important. As mentioned above, your furry friend will need some privacy. However, it’s also important for you to be able to easily access the box. A quiet spot in a family room or spare bedroom may be ideal. Avoid loud, drafty, or busy areas.

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