Puppy Classes

Do you have a puppy under 8 months?

Dogs may come into this world with adorable looks, but there’s one thing they’re not born with: manners. These things must be taught, and the earlier the better. Peach Grove Animal Hospital is pleased to offer AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Classes taught by certified AKC Instructor and Evaluator Cheryl Kocher of Raise the Bar Dog Training.
From basic commands, like sit and stay, to important socialization skills to more advanced tricks, our experienced, professional trainers will have your canine companion behaving perfectly in no time. More importantly, we’ll work with you to help you gain a clear understanding of your furry friend’s behavior. This will allow you to develop a deeper bond with your pet and establish a sense of healthy leadership within your home.

What You Will Learn

  • How to best communicate with pup
  • Effective training methods for basic commands
  • Socialization with other pups
  • How to stop undesired behavior, like chewing or biting
  • Information on other common puppy-raising issues, such as housetraining
  • Upon completion of the classes and successful passing of the included evaluation, you and your pup will receive:
  • AKC Gold STAR medal
  • Frameable certificate
  • New puppy handbook
  • Listing in the AKC STAR Puppy records
  • AKC’s monthly online newsletter to continue your knowledge in training and puppy-raising

Classes are held at Peach Grove Animal Hospital, every Sunday for 6 weeks, from 11am to noon. Puppy training is open to both PGAH clients as well as non-clients. The cost is $145 per session. For more information or to sign up, email [email protected] or call 513-227-2235.

Let us help improve the relationship you share with your new puppy and foster a lifelong bond that will never be broken.